Water Law In Wyoming and Colorado

There are Complex Water Law Issues in Wyoming & Colorado

In the mountain west and high plains, water is one of the most precious natural resources. There are many interests competing for these resources and complicated statutory and regulatory processes to navigate. The experienced team at DDRH has represented the Wyoming State Engineer’s Office and is available to help land owners, counties, municipalities, irrigation districts, industries and other interested parties in resolving these potentially complex issues related to water law. The firm’s collective experience provides them with the tools necessary to navigate the intricacies of Wyoming and Colorado water law. DDRH attorneys have represented Wyoming’s interests in interstate water disputes before the United States Supreme Court and state agencies such as the Board of Control. They are able to assist clients with all areas of water rights permitting and enforcement including disputes between water rights holders, water rights verification, water appropriations, permitting, change of place of use, change of type of use, change of point of diversion and instream flow.