Oil and Gas Law

Much of DDRH’s practice is dedicated to providing our clients with broad-based, in-depth industry knowledge and legal capabilities in the highly specialized area of oil and gas law. The firm’s experience in this area is broad and deep and runs the entire life-cycle of a drilling project including drilling and spacing applications, leases and surface disturbance agreements, mineral title, contracts, employment matters, environmental issues and mineral taxation.  DDRH attorneys have provided legal counsel to clients on both sides of the negotiating table on matters of ownership of mineral rights and title, oil and gas leases, surface use agreements and joint operating agreements. The firm has represented both the major corporate producers and small to medium sized independents and conversely, has also represented surface owners in contract negotiation and mineral rights disputes.

In addition, our attorneys guide clients through the often intimidating government agency approval process. Members of the firm have practiced before a variety of state agencies involved with oil and gas, including the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, the Environmental Quality Council, the Board of Equalization, the Department of Environmental Quality and as lobbyists before the Wyoming Legislature.